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Back in 2012, Columbus celebrated its bicentennial with a variety of special events, including Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012. Some of these temporary public art projects have continued into this year, and the Bold Booths! Project is planned as a permanent legacy of the program. And you can help make it a reality.

What are these Bold Booths? The Finding Time curatorial team envisioned downtown as an open-air gallery, and the booths were designed by five local architects to provide sculptural and functional structures on several surface parking lots. Parking lot attendant booths have traditionally not offered artistic inspiration, but these architects have reinvented the booths as an intersection of public art and architecture. The hope is that the project will turn the public's attention to the booths and the attendants they shelter, sparking dialog and demonstrating the power of public art.

The first booth, named Coney Island by the architects, will sit in the parking lot of the Westin Columbus Great Southern Hotel. Designed by BL/OV Architects Beth Blostein and Bart Overly, the firm and their contractor are working to build the booth, which is planned for an early spring 2014 installation.

While funds have already been gathered to begin fabrication of the booth, SID Public Services Association is seeking funds for the window and door package for the booth. The total being sought is $9,189, which includes funds for the southwest window wall, the north window, the east window, the door and integrated transaction window, and the metal flashing and header. If you are interested in contributing, you can do so through power2give. Yes, you've got the power.

At this point, all donations are being matched with corporate funds (though this matching donation is finite). All donors will receive an invitation to an on-site reception with the artists; recognition at the reception; and recognition on the Finding Time website. Donation levels include $15, $25, $50, $100, and $500 and more.

For more information, please visit power2give and consider contributing to this permanent installation of the Finding Time celebration of public art and Columbus' bicentennial.