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Yeah, yeah, it’s the New Year filled with resolutions waiting to be broken. Instead of thinking about all the times you let the New Year come and go with nary a change, how about making it simple. Increase your energy and get smarter. Impossible? Nope, and the YMCA is going to ante up a $50 gift card to help us prove a point.

It’s easy to hibernate this time of year. Our bodies are naturally inclined to curl up with truckloads of pasta covered in creamy alfredo. But how are you going to feel come spring?

Before you get your knickers in a twist… there is nothing wrong with a great plate of pasta, and downtown offers lots of yummilicious choices. Indulge, and while you do, think about how a little exercise might help combat the dreary winter days. Not only that, research says it can make you smarter and increase your productivity. Don’t believe us? See what the peeps at Forbes and Huffington Post have to say.

Now that you’re serious, we want to make it easy. There are about a dozen places within walking distance Downtown where you can get a sweat on during the lunch hour (even before or after the workday). This list will get you started. You might even be able to add the recommended daily 10,000 steps just checking out where these gyms are located.

The peeps at the Downtown YMCA thought they’d offer one of our readers an added perk - a $50 gift card. You can use it on all kinds of stuff – massage, personal training, spin or yoga classes, diabetes prevention classes, swimming and tons more, or maybe you just want to try out a gym membership for a bit. Don’t forget the pick-up basketball games when you go.

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