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Part with your prose and become part of an art installation smack dab in the center of downtown. Does it kick up the ante when we tell you that it’s also part of the 200Columbus partay, and you might have a chance to win 50 bucks?

Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012 tick tocked to Cbus early in the year, and there’s lots of cool stuff to see like the Urban Plein Air Paintings, the Bicentennial Towers, The Bus to the Future and Chime Compositions. (Also part of Finding Time, performance artist Nikhil Chopra will create a drawing on the east wall of the Palace Theatre along Wall Street on Thursday. We’ll post the deets on Facebook as soon as we get them so like us to see the updates.) But this is the first time that peeps of Columbus will participate in the actual piece of art called Columbus Never…

Artist Janet Zweig created the installation when she began the generative sentence, “Columbus Never…,” but to finish the installation we need you and your creativity. The rest of the sentence will be written by the people of Columbus and placed phrase-by-phrase on a blank wall behind Key Bank at 88 E. Broad Street. By the end of the year, the wall will be covered with text written by the public.

The goal of the project is to engage the entire community, as residents collectively write the story of Cbus. Contributors submit a phrase of just a few words that provide the next section of the sentence, and if your phrase is selected, it will go up on the wall for all to see, and you will be entered to win 50 bucks. The folks at Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012 want you to submit entries as often as you like.

To give you a few pointers, consider how your phrase can contribute to the growing sentence to capture the spirit of Columbus. Are you a poet and didn’t know it? Hold an amazing sense of city pride? Go ahead, share your thoughts, and you might just see your words bigger than life on the side of the building.

Here’s what’s up so far: “Columbus never came here, but when the city sleeps, what our dreamers discover…” To get the scoop on how to submit an entry and for information about other installations part of the bicentennial celebrations go to Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012