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Inside 43215: Well, I Never!


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Downtown Columbus

Well, I never! You probably haven't heard that phrase since you were swinging on grandma's front porch swing. But as part of our fair city's bicentennial, Columbus has been putting our own spin on "I never."

Maybe you've seen the "Columbus never..." sentence being painted on the side of the building at 88 East Broad Street. The sentence has been generated by Columbus residents who have submitted phrases for inclusion as part of the Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012 project.

And the Finding Time folks are seeking additional phrase submissions. Contributors are asked to submit a phrase of roughly three to five words that provides the next section of the sentence. You may use punctuation (whew!); and if your phrase is chosen, you will win 50.00 and have your name listed on the Finding Time website.

Here’s what has been written this far. Can you come up with the next phrase?

Columbus never came here, but when the city sleeps, what the dreamers discover is that we have always created our own collective inside joke, one still looking for a punch line, that begins with "Columbus never came here, but...." That's why our city, if we want it to, will wake up with