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It’s cold and rainy and spitting snow. Never mind we rarely see the sun peek from a blanket of clouds. Yea, January and February (and sometimes even March) aren’t prime weather in Central Ohio, but it doesn’t mean that you should hibernate. We have 10 reasons you should take a stroll downtown, and the number one reason might just land you some good eats at some local restaurants on someone else’s dime.

Top 10 Reasons to Take a Walk Around Downtown in the Middle of Winter

10. Your boss smells like mothballs and you need to escape for fresh air.

9. Downtown is home to fantastic freshly brewed coffee, which will give you the charge you need to get through the mountain of paperwork on your desk.

8. Trinity Episcopal Church on Capitol Square fills the air with chime compositions that are part of the Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012, and lots of other cool things are planned for 200Columbus, so check it out.

7. Take a skip through Columbus Commons reminiscing about all the fun you had there last summer. While you’re at it, tell us what kind of music you’d like to hear for Downtown Live on Thursday nights at the Commons this year.

6. The Peanut Shoppe (46 N. High Street) always has fresh (and oftentimes warm) nuts and treats ready for your late afternoon snack. Grab some for the rest of your office to win brownie points.

5. Speaking of brownies, right around the corner from The Peanut Shoppe, Sugardaddy’s (11 E. Gay Street) will help squelch even the strongest sweet tooth.

4. Feeling like no one takes your side on anything? Find justice bigger than life at the gavel in front of the Supreme Court building (65 S. Front Street).

3. Walk off the extra holiday flab and find cool outdoor art when you get moving on the Columbus Art Walks around Capitol Square.

2. Stand at the corner of Broad and High Streets basking in the glow of our very own downtown marquee – just like in Tokyo or Times Square.

And the number one reason to take a walk around downtown on a cold wintery day:

1. With all the restaurant offerings within walking distance, you’ll think that you’ve transported to an exotic vacation right here in the center of Cbus. And, if you forward our Right Now Downtown email to a friend, you’ll be entered to win lunch on us. Yum, now that’s even worth a walk in the rain.