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Downtown Columbus

Hustle and bustle make downtown a unique place to be. But what about when you need a break and don’t have time to hit the spa? There’s a new place just around the corner on Gay Street that provides a little oasis to help you rejuvenate from the hectic schedules and never ending to-do lists. The medium? Tea. Yes, we said tea, and the bonus is there’s great food, too. Check out what I-Cheng Huang from ZenCha Tea Salon has in store for you.

Harmony through tea?

It sounds like a stretch, but think about it. For hundreds of years, tea has held significance for millions of people around the world. Heard of the Boston Tea Party? What about High Tea in Great Britain or the elaborate Japanese tea ceremonies?

I-Cheng came to Columbus years ago to go to college and then paid his dues in corporate America. While that might be the American Dream for many, I-Cheng found that he wanted to be involved with something that offered bigger meaning. He wanted to build community, promote harmony and connect different cultures. Tea led the way.

“Tea is a beverage found in almost every culture around the world yet presented in many different styles,” said I-Cheng. “It shows us what we share despite all the differences across nationality, race, ethnicity. The model of ZenCha helps us connect.”

Step inside ZenCha Tea Salon, and check out what I-Cheng means. Knowledgeable staff fills you in on what to expect from each of the tea selections, and freshly made breakfast and lunch items provide ample dining options. Whether you have an hour for breakfast or lunch or just a quick 15-minute break, tranquility immediately surrounds you as stress dissipates and gives you a chance to connect with the person sitting across from you.

Put ZenCha Tea Salon on your must-go list. It’s open Monday thru Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.