Downtown Concierge

Inside 43215: That's Just Ducky


inside 43215


Downtown Columbus

There’s a downtown welcoming committee you might not have met.

Capital Crossroads and Discovery SID Ambassadors help people find their way around downtown, know where to find the best restaurant and can even provide an escort under an umbrella if you get caught in the rain. Oh yea, and the ambassadors in neon green even help keep downtown sparkly clean.

Last week, two of the hospitality crew in the Discovery Special Improvement District rescued some ducklings and returned them safely to their mama. It was all caught on video for the world to see, and boy did they. The mighty rescue, in collaboration with Columbus State Community College, went viral. An estimated two million people saw a little of what our ambassadors do on a regular basis.

For those who haven’t seen the clip or just want to check out the waddling brood one more time, take a look.