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Downtown Columbus

Pearl Market is proud of the diverse array of vendors that line the alleyways between Broad and Gay streets each Tuesday and Friday. Each has a story, that entrepreneurial spark that led to the launch of a new business. New to Pearl Market this year, Studio West's beautiful wares come from a unique place.

Launched in 2009, Studio West provides adults with developmental disabilities a vocational opportunity. Artists of all capabilities are encouraged to explore a variety of artistic media. Their work is then sold at art fairs, markets and consignment sales, providing income for the artist. They offer a wide variety of products from herb tags to garden totems of a whimsical nature that will make you happy.

Studio West is part of the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, which provides support to children and adults with developmental disabilities. These services include early intervention, educational, employment, therapeutic and other special services to help these individuals live, learn and work in the community. The Board's services are supported by local, state and federal resources.

And when you purchase from Studio West at Pearl Market you too support their efforts.