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A lot of times we let you know when an event is starting. Sometimes we want to make sure you don't miss a goody. This week is the last week to take in CATCO's The 39 Steps. This is the kind of theater perfectly suited to the early days of summer: full of hilarity.

The 39 Steps is a recreation of an Alfred Hitchcock film of a John Buchan novel. This farce features actors playing a wide range of characters from villains to sweethearts and "hurling puns and allusions to other Hitchcock films like comedic hand grenades." Boom!

This play is also an opportunity to see the results of mentoring in act-ion. Steven C. Anderson, the play's director, worked with and mentored two of the actors, Ginna Hoben and Jeff Horst, when they were youngsters acting with the Phoenix Theatre for Children. All grown up, both now live and work in New York City, but have returned to Columbus as part of The 39 Steps cast.