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Inside 43215: Some Sandy Fun


inside 43215


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Now that spring is finally... well, springing, cabin fever is in full effect. We can't all jettison off to Cancun or Panama City for spring break, but even if you're spending the season of renewal here in Columbus, you can get a taste of the beach. The Discovery District sand volleyball court offers a little something for everyone, and it's right here in your own downtown back yard in the oh-so-hip, up-and-coming Grant Avenue corridor.

Whether you prefer to pop in for an informal pepper session with a few friends after class; to sign up to bump, set and spike with the rest of your office staff; or are looking for an opportunity to meet new friends by playing pick-up; there's an option. If team-play is your style, sign a group up with Sports Monster and pick from Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday league play for the spring session which begins May 13. Don't have a team lined up? No problem. You can still sign up through Sports Monster and opt to go solo. You'll have the chance to show off your skills while making new friends.

Crazy unpredictable schedule? Commitment-phobe? More of an impulse player? Don't worry. We've got you covered too. You can stop in to the Hills Market at 95 North Grant Avenue to borrow a volleyball and keys to the court... and pick up a snack, while you're at it. All you need is a State ID. You'll fill out a super-simple waiver, drop it in the box by the court entrance and then commence the fun. Return the ball and key after you're done, get your ID back and head over to Grass Skirt Tiki Bar to keep the beachy vibes going.