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By most measures, summer is over, even though the thermometer won't get the message for a few weeks yet. The lazy, hazy days of poolside relaxation are in the rearview mirror, so it's time to find a new way to unwind. If you don't have time to hit a yoga class or to curl up for hours with a good book, you can always find time to boil some water for a relaxing cup of tea.

Downtown retailer Sweet Simpliciteas takes that cup of tea to new heights of good-for-you-ness. Their gourmet, loose-leaf teas use only the highest quality natural ingredients, offering antioxidants that boost your health. Whew, that's one less thing to worry about.

If concerns about your sweet tooth are weighing you down, Sweet Simpliciteas also offers gourmet dessert teas. That's all the sweet goodness with none of the guilt. Chocolate Chip Chai? Yes, please.

Stop in to their retail shop at 295 S. Third Street where they can teach you more about their teas and you can soak in their cozy, relaxing environment. They offer a wide selection of teas, including black, chai, green, white, oolong, herbal and rooibos. Find out what benefits each has to offer and create a menu of your own.

And if you want to savor a cup of tea during your lunch hour, consider a visit to ZenCha Tea Salon at 19 E. Gay Street. They, too, live to share their love of tea, its properties and the peace that can come from sharing a pot. The food is quite delicious too.