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Downtown Columbus

New shoes…silk suit.

Channel ZZ Top if you wish because there’s a new place downtown that has fine European threads (and a lot more) and promises to help the sharp dressed man look like a million bucks even if he’s on a budget.

Sami Mabrouk opened Sofyano, a Fine European Suit shop, just down the street from The Westin Hotel and next door to Dempsey’s, because he saw a niche that needed filled. It helped that he had a ton of European connections from a previous career.

“I’ve traveled a lot in Europe for work.  The nature of my job meant I had to wear suits often,” said Sami. “When I finally landed in Columbus and started looking for suits, I couldn’t find what I wanted.  I either pay an arm and a leg (most of which goes to salesman commission) for a suit that wasn’t really the style or fit I was looking for, or completely sacrifice style and quality, just to get a lower price.”

His passion for fine clothes and European connections wove a perfect outline for a new business. After lots of research and planning, Sami began wholesaling European suits out of his first office on Gay Street, but opening a retail store had always been part of the plan.

“I was always fascinated by the historic district of downtown Columbus. The architecture of the buildings lends a sophisticated feel to my store, and my patrons will feel this too,” said Sami. “I also know that High street is a thoroughfare of the city, so I wanted a location that would be easy for my clientele to find.”

Sami travels to Europe and handpicks suits, ties, shoes and shirts from European designers, and he is the direct importer of the clothing and accessories. Since he then sells the products directly to the public, it eliminates all salesman commissions, giving customers the same quality they would expect at high-end designer stores, but at an affordable price.