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Inside 43215: Sandwiches and More? Si Senor!


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Downtown Columbus

Si Senor! Sandwiches and More offers way more than sandwiches, way, way more.

Husband and wife team, Guillermo Perez and Christell Gozzer, got their start in Pearl Market when they decided to test their Peruvian restaurant concept with the downtown crowd.  They dished up so much yummiliousness that a brick and mortar restaurant quickly became a reality. Now they’ve grown and moved to 71 E. Lynn St, between Pearl and Third.

With every day expected to be over 90 degrees this week, we first recommend a fresh fruit smoothie… mango or strawberry, perhaps. Print out a copy of Right Now Downtown and bring it to Si Senor to get a regular smoothie that’s normally almost four bucks for just three. That’s 25 percent savings, and these quenchers can be a meal in themselves.

But why stop there? Smoothies on a hot day promise to be the perfect combination to one of the many sandwiches from Jumping Beef to Turkey Al Juga, Chicharron Peruano or Roasted Portabella with Red onions and chimichurri. You will find slow-roasted meats on each sandwich atop amazing ciabatta complemented by handmade Peruvian sauces. For those who can’t make up their minds, here’s a tip: take a lunch buddy who will order a different sandwich so you can each swap and share the goodness, yum. Plan another outing though because there are even more sandwiches than the ones we mentioned.

Looking for a little lighter fare? Prepare for a flavor blast. Seemingly simple salads, like the avocado or mixed green salad, are anything but. Super fresh ingredients pack a punch when tossed in the handmade roasted pepper and white balsamic vinaigrette. You won’t even need to feel guilty when you splurge on a little flan, tres leches cake or lemon pie for dessert.

If you can’t get enough of Guillermo’s goodies during the weekday lunch, bring a crew for a Saturday brunch. Rumor has it that he kicks it up even more with some made-to-order cerviche.

Don’t forget about the Downtown Blue Plate Special on Right Now Downtown this week. If you don’t want to print out the special, just show them the blue plate special on your smart phone, Mr. or Mrs. Smarty Pants. Either way, enjoy.