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Almost everyone we know has at least one shoebox jammed full of old photos or videotapes. Who even has a VCR anymore? And, the yellowed photos are just plain sad. Sure, some post a few on Facebook for Throwback Thursday, but most of us look at the boxes feeling a pang of guilt - captured memories are rotting in a box stuffed behind another box of too-small pants that we promised to get back into someday. Well, we can't help with the pants, but downtown biz Picture Renew has the answer for photos and video tapes. Better yet, one Right Now Downtown reader will get 25 bucks worth of service, so keep on reading.

Picture Renew grew out of Buckeye Laptop, located on South High Street, right downtown. They take old-school photos and tapes and create a digital format for you. They can even enhance images and remove little imperfections caused by aging. No, they can't make you look like you 10 years younger, but they can preserve some of your memories for a lifetime.

VHS technology peaked in the 80s, but did you know that the tapes only have a life expectancy of about 20 years? Time is ticking here, people, and don't even get us started on Polaroids.

Drop off your photos, and Picture Renew takes care of the rest. If you don't have the gumption to take the photos into the store, grab one of those prepaid priority mail shipping boxes; call the post office for pick-up; wait a few days; and Picture Renew will send you the digital files. Boom baby, problem solved. Well, we're still not sure about the too-small pants or looking 10 years younger.

For the hoarders out there, Picture Renew offers quantity discounts. Heck, you might even clear out enough space to put an exercise bike so you can get to work dropping enough weight to get back into those pants you found. One more problem solved.

Post a photo on our Facebook page this week and tell us why you need a service like this. One person will receive $25 off their first purchase. Check back Monday, July 7, and we'll pick a random winner. The first 25 people to go into the store and let them know they saw this story on Right Now Downtown will receive $10 off their first purchase.