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Where did the summer go? Sure, fall might be nice, but are we really ready for what comes next? While we debate something that cannot be changed, how about heading to Pearl Market to stock up on some staples that you won't be able to find in the downtown alleyways much longer this season. To add some skin to the game, we have a way for you to win a shopping spree on us.

Pearl Market shrinks sometimes toward the end of the season as plump fruits and veggies evolve into fall harvest, but there are still lots of things to round out the dinner table. Think roasted eggplant or butternut squash accompanied by crisp apples, and maybe, if you're lucky, some tomatoes. You know those juicy heirloom varieties won't be around forever, so you want to get them before Jack Frost does.

The Market isn't just about the produce, meats, cheeses, jams and honey. Every Tuesday and Friday through October 25, vendors toting everything from cozy hats, gloves and sweaters to handmade soaps to stylin' jewelry arrive to sell their wares. And, don't forget the food and baked goods. Cheesy potatoes, cookies and brownies, oh my.

For those thinking about holiday shopping already, our bakers cater platters of cookies that will bring smiles to the faces of your clients. Or what better way to say thank you than a big tin of homemade fudge? Does your sister (or anyone else) get cold during frosty mornings? The Sweater Lady has an ample supply of, yes, sweaters, but much more to keep you and your loved ones toasty.

For those foodies on your shopping list, you can find honey, jams, seasonings, olive oils and vinegars, soup kits, and a host of other items that will stock their pantries all winter long. While you think about the pantry, how about the fridge and freezer? Several vendors offer eggs and cheeses, as well as an assortment of poultry, beef and pork.

We are always a little sad when Pearl Market starts to wind down for the season, but stocking up (and buying early for the holidays) helps us keep memories alive until May when we burst into the alleyways with springtime bounty.

Post a comment on this blog and tell us what you like about Pearl Market (or what you'd like to see next year), or drop your business card off at the Pearl Market Welcome tent, and you will be entered to win a shopping spree on us. Don't forget you only have two more shopping days left this season, so pull your list of must-haves together and join us today and next week.