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Inside 43215: Miss Representation


inside 43215


Downtown Columbus

Miss Repersentation Poster webThe peeps at the Arena Grand Theatre and The Women’s Fund are setting up a night to stretch our culture regarding media messages we all receive about women and girls when they present the screening of Miss Representation on November 28.

Think this topic doesn't affect anyone besides women and girls? Even if you’re not a woman, most people know a mother, daughter or a woman coworker. The documentary, which appeared at the Sundance Film Festival, challenges our culture and conscience about gender in the media, and it exposes how mainstream media contributes to negative stereotypes. Virtual conversations during the film will take place asking the audience to weigh in on issues raised in the film, and immediately following the movie, attendees will participate in round-table discussions, which bring a national topic to a local level.

Tickets are available online. Each ticket (10.00) donation supports The Women’s Fund, and is tax deductible. If you forward this email to a friend, you and your friend will be entered to win a pair of tickets complements of The Women’s Fund.