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We already covered all the ways you can take in movies downtown this summer. But did you know you can also become a movie-maker? Channel your inner Scorsese or Spielberg and become part of One Second of Columbus.

As part of the city’s bicentennial celebration, the folks at Webface will celebrate Columbus with a one-minute film compiled from video submissions from you.

Webface poses the question: “If you show a video and only had seconds to show what Columbus means to you, what would you film?”

There are no limits to what you can film, though they note that there will probably be many OSU Buckeye videos, so maybe think in other directions.

Your submission should be no longer than 10 seconds and not contain any voiceovers or text. Webface will take 60 of the best one-second shots and combine them into a one-minute video. You may submit more than one entry. Oh, and if you don’t have a camera or aren’t sure of your video-filming chops, simply email your idea to Webface and if they like it, they will film it.

The deadline for submissions is July 7, 2012. Send your video to, using “One Minute Video” in the subject line.

If your video is chosen, your name will appear in the credits. Your first film credit! Scorsese, Spielberg and you.