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Inside 43215: Inspire Spectacular


inside 43215


Downtown Columbus

Who would think office supplies could inspire spectacular? But it’s happening at Robert Mason on Gay Street. This shop is small, just a little over 200-square feet, but it’s mighty, and there’s much more in store for this pop-up shop right inside of Sugardaddy’s. We took a few photos, and want to give you some info on what to expect if you haven’t stopped by yet.

It’s hard to describe the first thing you notice when you walk in Robert Mason Stationer and Furnishings. Is it the music or the mood or maybe the ever-so-slight, spicy-sweet scent mixed with the smell of tanned leather accessories on the vertical shelves? Eyes scan and feast on all things within touch. Pencils and pens line the pen bar to test for the perfect fit. Sketch pads, note pads, portfolios, wrapping paper, candles – where do you stop and where you begin?

But the store is bigger than a just a few pens and memo pads; there are more than 1000 items on sku that Robert Mason can provide within just 24 hours, if needed. The current pop-up store on Gay Street carries a unique assortment of styled accessories from briefcases to small leather-bound notepads to greeting cards. The store also stocks high-demand items like toner, printer ink cartridges, paper and writing utensils – all those must-have-now items.

Robert Mason Stationer and Furnishings on Gay Street is just the beginning of a much bigger concept. Entrepreneur Robert Mason Grimmett plans to keep the satellite store on Gay Street to meet the immediate needs of the downtown worker, and then launch a much bigger concept - a 10,000 square foot space in the Discovery District – where creativity and local business collaboration will help his customers get inspired.

The new concept is a lot to grasp, but for now, think about your five senses and then mesh it with a creative space that brings local business together, Oh yea, and don’t forget the office supplies.

We’ll keep you updated on the new space, but in the meantime, check out some of the things you will find in the pop-up now.