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Inside 43215: How to CoGo from Here to There


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Downtown Columbus

Say you have a quick errand to run or a meeting outside the office that is just a bit further than you'd like to walk. Wouldn't it be great to ride a bike? Well, you could just grab one off the street and go. Really, you could, without getting in trouble with the law. How?

Last year we shared with you the good news that CoGo Bike Share had set up shop in Columbus. With CoGo, you get a membership and then can borrow a bike from any CoGo station, ride it where you need to go, and then return it to another CoGo station. Super easy.

If this sounds like something a lot of people in your office could use, maybe it's time to suggest that the big wigs consider Corporate CoGo Memberships. Whether you work in a big office or a small one, CoGo offers companies the opportunity to provide their employees with discounted or subsidized Annual Memberships.

The advantages are many: improved health and wellness as people get moving; convenient transportation that provides an alternative to driving, buses, taxis and walking; a greener way to get around; and even the chance to stand out from the crowd - it's the kind of perk employees like to talk about.

For more information about corporate membership, visit the CoGo website.

CoGo is the way to go. Make sure your employer is in the know.