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Inside 43215: How to Avoid Lovely Rita, Meter Maid


inside 43215


Downtown Columbus

If you are one of the many downtown workers, residents or visitors who never seems to have enough quarters hiding in your car, we have good news for you. The City of Columbus Department of Public Service has begun installing a new phase of upgraded parking meters around town. You will soon find the fancy parking meters which accept credit and debit cards (quarters too, if you have 'em) popping up in the Discovery District around CCAD and Columbus State.

In addition, some meters that already take cards will be upgraded to a newer model with a larger screen. Whew, maybe you won't need to pull out your readers to get your parking situation situated. If you are loathe to carry quarters, but aren't a debit or credit card-user either, you can purchase pre-paid parking cards from the City of Columbus at 50 West Gay Street or at 2700 Impound Lot Road.

Happy parking.