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You probably hung out at 39 Below FroYo on Gay Street during the sultry days of summer, but we bet some of you temporarily crossed it off your list once temperatures took a nose dive. Well, fear not, our frigid friends. Entrepreneurial owner Carolyn Maloney installed a hot cocoa bar for those who shudder at the thought of FroYo this time of year. Better yet, the peeps at 39 Below will be giving one of readers a gift certificate to sample the goodness for themselves. Keep reading to find out how you can win (and how everyone is a winner).

So, just like always, Carolyn has a wall of delicious frozen yogurt flavors and a topping bar, which promises to break the most monotonous afternoon, but admittedly, frozen yogurt can be a tough sell for some once winter pounces.

From pumpkin spice to salty caramel to peppermint bliss, there's something that will warm you up and keep the blood pumping through the afternoon doldrums. It was never a stretch to fall in love with the FroYo. What's not to love about Having It Your Way? Well, the hot cocoa bar is the same concept, only warm and cozy is what you take with you when you leave.

First, select the hand-mixed classic cocoa or sugar-free mix, then head to the steamed milk table; but don't forget to come back to where all the goodies lay waiting. Try classic with a kick - a scoop of cocoa mix, vanilla, marshmallows, marshmallow cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup. Whoa, Doggy. We might just want winter to longer until April or May if we know we can cozy up to a mug of this all winter long.

Be adventuresome; sprinkle in a little heat of cayenne or what about hazelnut? For those who can't come up with the concoction that sounds just perfect, no worries. Carolyn posts "recipes" above the cocoa bar, so you can simply follow the directions to get one kick-ass cup of cocoa.

When you forward our Right Now Downtown Newsletter to a friend, you and the friend will both be entered to win a $10 gift certificate to 39 Below FroYo (you need to click on the "forward to a friend" link in the Downtown Deals section of Right Now Downtown). And even if you don't win, all readers can mention Right Now Downtown or the Inside 43215 blog to receive a buy one get one offer.