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Remember when you were a kid, and you'd come inside from playing in the snow, and your mom had piping hot mugs of hot chocolate waiting for you and your buddies? Warm. Chocolaty. Bliss. The snow was fun then, too. Okay, snow's not so much fun anymore, but fancy schmancy hot chocolate might help get us through the winter. Downtown has some slurping-good places to grab a mug. To prove it, we're giving a gift card away to Cafe Brioso so you can try their steamy cocoa. Here are 10 suggestions, but this will just get you started.

In no particular order, here are some places where you'll find some great hot chocolate; but we're sure there are more to choose from, so let us know your faves. Read to the bottom to find out how to win a gift card from Cafe Brioso.

10. Grab some warmth for your walk around the Columbus Commons at Java Jan's.

9. 39 Below Frozen Yogurt created a hot cocoa bar and a waffle bar. Sample a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

8. Need a caffeine jolt too? Try one of the mochas at Cup O' Joe.

7. Right across from the Ohio Statehouse, Peet's is tucked inside the Huntington Center.

6. If Starbuck's is your thing, you've got several downtown options.

5. While it's hard to pass on the coffee at Cafe Brioso (have you tried their Ohio Maple Syrup latte?), their steamy cocoa rocks.

4. Want a DIY cocoa? March on down to Hill's Market Downtown. Don't forget the hand-crafted marshmallows.

3. Find a little bit of France and a little bit of New Orleans at Chez du Bon

2. Au Bon Pain still gives you the opportunity to practice your French when you enter the corner cafe and bake shop.

1. Angelina's offers some of the most intense hot chocolate you'll find, but you're gonna have to hop on a plane to Paris. If that's not in the budget, one of the hot spots listed above will take care of your fix; and you can keep it local. Besides, you won't have to dodge any dog poo on our downtown sidewalks.

We're sure there are many more places to find a yummilicious mug right downtown. Like us on Facebook and you'll be entered to win a gift card to Cafe Brioso.