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Inside 43215: Hooray for Hoopla


inside 43215


Downtown Columbus

We just heard something that may change the way you read books, and the Columbus Metropolitan Library is behind the news. Now, a lot of us grew up with our very own library card. Your mom may have even marched you down to the local library to pick out a bagful of books, and then you lugged them home. A month later, you made a repeat performance.

Even if you have tried to keep the tradition alive, we know schedules gets pressed and maybe you forgot to return that best seller a time or two when you were supposed to. Sure the library fines are small, and money supports a good cause, but wouldn’t it be awesome, if you didn’t have to worry about physically returning the book, ever? That’s where hoopla comes into play.

Columbus Metropolitan Library is one of only seven libraries in the nation piloting hoopla, a brand new lending service, which allows customers to use library cards to borrow thousands of videos, audiobooks and music albums right from a smartphone, tablet or web browser.

Customers can access more than 300,000 materials and can borrow more eBooks than ever. More than one customer can check out materials at a time, so there will be no more waiting for those hot titles, and for those of you who have a hard time remembering to return your books, the library will help you out. Once your lending period expires, the titles automatically disappear from your smart phone or other mobile device. No more late fees for you, chickadee.

You can sign up for the brand new program using your library card, and then you just sit back and browse. Let us know what your favorite find is.