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Inside 43215: Hey, Hae Paul's is Delicious!


inside 43215


Downtown Columbus

It's no secret there are great eats downtown - breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you're a foodie or just hate to cook, there are lots of choices. You can find a starter list here, but we also want to tell you about a new place that opened up on Fourth Street. You might have walked by and not even noticed it so we're here to give you some details about Hae-Paul's. So read on; there's a food deal in it for you!

Where to start? The food is as fresh as it is interesting. Some of you may know the owners, Paul and Hae Ran Yow, from their years at Barcelona. Paul was head chef at Barcelona for 14 years, and Hae Ran was the pastry chef, but she will be quick to tell you that she just likes to bake and cook. Man, can she ever! The combination of experience and passion Paul and Hae Ran bring to your table will keep this place at the top of your must-eats.

Most recently for lunch we sampled the ham and egg sandwich. Yeh, yeh, it sounds pretty unassuming, but you have not eaten anything like this before. Roasted vegetables gently folded into an egg mixture with grilled ham slice turned ho hum into yum, yum. We found a light spread of avocado cream in between slices freshly baked and toasted butternut squash bread. We’d never heard of butternut squash bread, but you can bet it’s a fave now.

It doesn’t stop there. The menu will evolve at Hae-Paul’s so frequent visits are required. There are noodle and rice dishes, soups and salads, sandwiches and sides. You will find bounty of unique flavors that blend superbly.

“We want to blend cultures, and we want to make beautifully flavorful food,” said Paul. “We look forward to connecting with people through our food.”

Hae-Paul’s is located on 79 South Fourth Street. They closed on Mondays special events, but are open Tuesday through Saturday. You can even catch them in the evenings Thursdays through Saturday. Oh, and they have a budding selection of beer and wine.

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