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Inside 43215: Head for Warmer Climes


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Anyone game for a trip to South America to escape this cold weather? Peru sounds sunny and amazing, and we bet it's not gonna be 12 degrees below zero there anytime soon. Don't have the cash for a real trip? Well, the peeps at Si Senor are planning a special Peruvian dinner on an upcoming evening at the end of the month. Bring a little wine, and you might just think you've crossed into the tropical paradise.

Many know the yummiliciousness that comes from Si Senor during lunch - everything from piping hot soup to flaky empanadas to amazing jumping beef jalapeno sandwiches. But Si Senor owner Guillermo Perez plans to convert his space one Saturday later this month into a full-service dining extravaganza - for a small group of downtowners.

Guillermo will create a classic Peruvian three-course meal. You'll likely have the choice in entrees between the land and the sea, as well as appetizer options. The experience will be rounded out with a delicious Peruvian dessert.

As if the food wasn't going to be a big enough enticement, this will be an intimate affair. Limited reservations will be accepted, and each reservation secures a spot for the entire evening. So, no worries that your waitress will hurry you through dessert to turn the table over for the next guests; it's yours for the night.

Guillermo is still working out the details, but stay tuned so you can nab a spot at the table. In the meantime, forward our Right Now Downtown email to a friend and you will be entered to win lunch at Si Senor. (Check out our original Right Now Downtown email for the forward to a friend link).