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Have you ever thought about spring cleaning - your work life? Maybe it's time to give your boring old boss the heave ho, and set out on a new business venture? But there's so much to consider... leases, employees, phones, marketing, and what about location, location, location? Don't get bogged down with the details. There's help; and it's right downtown.

If you have been thinking about launching a new biz downtown, you'll want to get Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District on speed dial. Business Recruiter Kacey Brankamp provides all kinds of resources for people looking for downtown office and retail space. If you are too shy to reach out, the SID built an online searchable database for entrepreneurs (or just nosy folks) to check out what space is available downtown.

From Class A office suites to rustic, exposed brick lofts, downtown offers variety and lots of it.

So, what if you're not quite ready to sign a lease but wanna give downtown a shot? Regus and Intelligent Office offer shorter-term (even just a day) digs, which give you prime downtown real estate without long-term commitment.

Regus and Intelligent Office both offer a variety of options. You can start with the virtual office - things like receptionist and mail service, or maybe you need a meeting room to host potential investors. Intelligent Office and Regus have you covered there, too, with board rooms and office suites. They even offer desk space if you just need to get something cranked out without distraction - all with the downtown address.

Of course, if you're already sold on downtown, but don't know exactly where to go or where you want to be, that's where Kacey comes in. She's a wealth of information from available space to business incentives. If you want to check out some downtown digs for yourself, join Kacey on the upcoming office tour where she will show you some awesome move-in ready space.