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Inside 43215: Going Nuts!


inside 43215


Downtown Columbus

Peanuts here. Buy your fresh, hot peanuts here. At the Peanut Shoppe that is.

While you’re at it, we want you to mob the place with cold, hard cash this Thursday. Find out why June 21 is so important, and you might just become part of a media sensation.

Telhio Credit Union supports local business, and they’ve organized a series of Cash Mobs throughout downtown this summer.

What is a Cash Mob? Think Flash Mob with Oprah and the Black-Eyed Peas a couple years ago, only in the place of dancing, you’re holding a 20-dollar bill at the counter of the Peanut Shoppe at 46 N. High Street in Downtown Cbus.

It’s all about showing some love to local business. The idea encourages as many people as possible (so tell your friends) to show up between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. and spend 20 bucks in the store. Really, take cash because the Peanut Shoppe doesn’t accept plastic.

On the freaky chance that peanuts aren’t your gig, no worries. You’ll find a host of other yummilicious snacks that will keep your stomach rumbly free. Heck, for 20 greenbacks, you can take some treats home to your family, too.

Spread the word. Post it on Facebook. Call the media (maybe you’ll get on the news), and mostly, support our local entrepreneurs who make downtown great. Who would have ever thought you could make a difference with peanuts?