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Columbus grows global green on September 30, when we host the 2012 EcoSummit for a week. More than 1,500 people are expected from more than 75 countries (including the president of Iceland). This is big, very big; but what’s in it for the average dude or dudette just trying to live, work and play a little? We’ll put it into perspective and give you a chance to win a yearlong membership to Grange Audubon Center.

Lots of experts give plenty of complicated reasons we should all be concerned about the environment, but it doesn't take too many phrases like environmental restoration or ecological sustainability before the haze grows thicker than the smog we’re all trying to prevent. But here’s something to wrap those tree-hugging arms around.

Forty percent of the world’s economy comes from nature.

To bring it even closer, it’s a little like your boss telling you he’s going to give you a forty percent raise, but instead, he decides to pay you for only three out of five work days. Either way, your checking account feels it.

So, listen up and get involved. The 2012 EcoSummit brings together lots of people who want to make a difference, and you can be one of them. You can dive in and attend the full conference, attend MORPC’s one-day seminar on October 5 or even volunteer. If you volunteer for half a day, you can attend EcoSummit’s sessions for the other half of the day for free. To find out more ways to let your green shine, check out the EcoSummit on Facebook and Twitter.

In the meantime, let us know what your favorite park is, and we’ll enter you to win a yearlong membership to the Grange Audubon Center.