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Attention to detail and artistry gives Rishi Sushi a big-city experience right downtown, but you don't have to travel to New York or Chicago. Right on the corner of Third and Long streets, bright orange and green patio umbrellas call you into something that is the beginning of an amazing dining experience. Sushi not your gig? No worries. Rishi Sushi offers a delightful and imaginative Asian-inspired menu, which includes flavor-rich gourmet burgers and ramen. Still not sure? Well, read on to find out how to grab a $25 gift certificate to give it a try. Who wants to feed your happy?

Okay, so for sushi fans, it's a no-brainer. From wild blue fin tuna to Ora King Salmon to trigger fish, flavors are not only fresh, but exotic. Rishi Sushi isn't just for sushi connoisseurs. Burger lovers will be even happier with the menu. The chef grills a 21-day, dry-aged local beef patty and places it on a perfectly toasted brioche bun from The Angry Baker. Word is the Bibimbop Burger will delight the most demanding carnivore.

Want something warm, comforting and delicious? Order the raman, but don't make the mistake of thinking this resembles anything found in a Styrofoam cup that you pop in the microwave. Fresh, slow-simmered broth provides a rich and savory base for locally sourced ramen noodles and a host of other tasty delights. Whether you choose vegetarian, beef, chicken, seafood or take the Good Luck Ramen Challenge with their fiery bowl of deliciousness, you have not experienced ramen until you come Rishi Sushi.

Creating a real escape is every bit as important to restaurant owners, Moshe Mizrachi, Sudhir Dubey and David Kim, as providing an amazing meal with the highest quality ingredients. At the moment you step into the modern space, natural light and bright colors create an ambience that helps you leave any troubles at the door. By the time your drink arrives, an urban oasis surrounds you.

Try it out for yourself. Stop in for lunch, meet friends for dinner and rinks on the patio or book a private party. Any combination will feed your happy. Click here and post on our Facebook page about what makes you happy. We'll pick one winner to receive a $25 gift certificate from Rishi Sushi.