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Downtown Columbus

For art fans in Columbus, downtown is abundantly rich. With a variety of galleries showcasing art of all kinds, you can certainly get your art on. This week finds a number of exhibits about to wrap up and others just kicking off. So mark your calendars and expand your horizons.


Exhibit: Head Games
Location: Angela Meleca Gallery
Hours: Now through December 20
This exhibit features the work of Andrew J. McCauley and Casey Riordan Millard.

Exhibit: Dan Dailey and Linda MacNeil
Location: Hawk Galleries
Hours: Now through December 29

Exhibit: Cut and Torn Paperscapes
Location: Cultural Arts Center
Hours: November 16 - December 28
In Cut and Torn: Paperscapes, nine artists explore and pay homage to the very versatile art medium of paper. The artists examine the diverse uses of paper in a range of art forms.


Exhibit: Painting Tableau Stage
Location: OSU Urban Arts Space
Hours: Now through November 14
The central visual core of this exhibit is comprised of paintings by four contemporary artists from the United Kingdom: Moyra Derby, Stuart Elliott, Mick Finch and Beth Harland. All of the artists share an interest in concepts of the tableau, a term that is often translated as "picture form."

Exhibition: Addition(s): 3+3=6
Location: OSU Urban Arts Space
Hours: Now through November 14
Additions(s): 3+3=6 features artworks by the six new faculty in the Department of Art at The Ohio State University: Dani Leventhal, Jessica Mallios, Aspen Mays, Shane Mecklenburger, George Rush and Kate Shannon.

Exhibit: Laura Bidway, For Instance Me
Location: CCAD Canzani Center
Hours: Now through November 15
This exhibit of contemporary artist Laura Bidwa's recent work explores the ephemeral nature of time through small and deceptively simple paintings.