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Inside 43215: Don't Worry, Be Happy


inside 43215


Downtown Columbus

The long holiday weekend is but a memory. Unfortunately, no antidote exists, and the next three-day weekend is months away. Oh, pashaw. There's still opportunity for happy times. How about 50 bucks? Well, The Columbus Dispatch and Crave want to see you happy, and they're running a summer-long contest that promises to make it so. Two winners each month get 50 bucks worth of Pearl Market dollars. It could be you...

Dispatch and Crave want to see your happy photos. We bet you took at least one selfie during the holiday weekend. If not, maybe you captured Uncle Joe winning the hotdog-eating contest, Grandpa sacked out in the hammock, or the new baby silhouetted in the bright lights of Red, White and Boom!

If you didn't take any photos during the Fourth, hit Pearl Market today and take a selfie with a farmer who grows your food, or the woman who makes the one-of-a-kind earrings, or the food truck-owner who makes the lamb BLT.

Just upload photos that show how you experience joy, discover happiness and pursue laughter. What's it worth to you? Well, you might just win a $50 gift certificate if your photo is picked in the random drawing.

Get all the contest info here.