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Inside 43215: Discover Henry "Box" Brown


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Discovery District offers a treasure of educational and cultural as well as entertaining venues. The Kelton House Museum and Garden provides all three on Sunday, September 28 when it presents Henry "Box" Brown: An Incredible Story of an Escaped Slave Turned Magician.

As strong Abolitionists, the Kelton family hid fugitive slaves and gave long-term support to a particular African-American family. Kelton House was built in 1852 by Fernando Cortez and Sophia Stone Kelton, and has been preserved with Kelton family treasures from the 1800s.

Under this backdrop, attendees will witness Henry "Box" Brown: An Incredible Story of an Escaped Slave Turned Magician. Tens of thousands of slaves sought freedom in the north. They walked, rode trains and were transported in wagons with false bottoms. They were sometimes ingeniously disguised and costumed. One of the most creative escapes was that by Henry "Box" Brown, who, in 1848, engineered his escape by having himself sealed in a wooden crate and shipped to freedom.

In this first-person portrayal, magician Rory Rennick incorporates a multidisciplinary presentation that is informative, motivational and entertaining. Attendees will learn about one of the greatest escapes from slavery ever recorded from one of the most creative minds in entertainment today. Experience the history, the mystery and the mindset of a man who risked death to be free.

The program begins at 2 p.m. on Sunday, September 28 at the Kelton House Museum. The cost is $5 per person and reservations are recommended. Click here for more information.