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Yep, that's right, downtowner Yavonne Sarber (owner of DeNovo and Manifesto) have us the latest update about the opening of Chez Du Bon. It's geared toward the peeps already diggin' downtown; and by the way, that number is growing. We sat down and chatted about what customers can expect, and why it's important for Yavonne to invest downtown. Pssst, she also gave us a little scoop about something on her 2014 timeline.

To bring everyone up to speed on Chez Du Bon, the two-story digs will open at 21 East State Street in just under two months. Downstairs, which is about 5500 square feet, will transport you to a Parisian market and cafe', sans the dog poo that the latest highfalutin runway model just skidded through. The market will have fresh flowers, fine wine and cheeses, aromatic and delicious breads and pastries, melt-in-your-mouth beignets, and a wide variety of grab-n-go options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Can't wait to get the delectable goodies back to the office or apartment? No problem; linger at the European-style cafe' with seating both inside and out.

Fine dining will be found upstairs beginning around 5 p.m. in an area that will open up like a Paris terrace.

As with previous ventures, like the whimsical and feminine deNovo Bistro and the heavy, masculine bar of Manifesto Grato, we expect Chez Du Bon to immerse customers in a totally new, unique food experience.

Yavonne honed this ability when she worked at Handke's Cuisine early in her career. She was building a design business but under award-winning Chef Handke, a passion and excitement for food as an experience grew. Today, Yavonne designs experiences for her own customers from the very moment she finds a cool space.

"I'm a city girl, and my concepts are fun and kind of out there for a place in the burbs," Yavonne said. "But they work well downtown. It's professional and eccentric with more diversity." We can't wait to see what's in store.

And for buzz development, look for a jazz and ribs bar coming downtown in 2014. Negotiations are underway so look for big announcements soon on a place in the center of it all. We don't want to jinx the discussions, but we're psyched. Yavonne has much more to share with downtown.