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Sugardaddy'sWhat’s the deal with Black Friday specials happening on Thanksgiving? The turkey tryptophan haze won’t have lifted long enough to assemble a shopping list so what’s a serious shopper to do?

There is another option. Sit back with the TV remote and the last of your Auntie’s pumpkin pie as Black Friday comes and goes holding out for Small Business Saturday. Our plan includes coffee, brownies, chocolate and more.

We want you to support local merchants, and we’re giving you a head start with a list and a chance to win a gift certificate to Sugardaddy’s.

OH-IO. T Bears Florist and Chocolatier scores a touchdown with OSU flower arrangements and buckeyes (the chocolaty kind of course). Buckeye fan, check.

Need something beautiful, delicious and shipped across the country? Sugardaddy’s makes it easy, but don’t take our word for it. See what the celebs like Ellen DeGeneres, Rachael Ray and Bobby Flay say. 

For those watching their waste lines, Edible Arrangements is easy-sneazy and comes sans guilt. While you’re in there, check out their grab and go fridge. Remember, you must stay energized for your day of shopping. 

T minus zero, or is that zer0z? Nothing keeps trendsetters happier than a Zer0z - Less Wallet. More Cool. Paul Westrick will show you his entire line and help you find the perfect gift for hip dude (or dudette) on your list. 

A couple weeks ago, we told you about VIA Patina at the corner of High and State Streets. The pop-up retail place will only be open for a couple more weeks so sooner is better than later. 

Next, relax and re-energize. ZenCha Tea Salon and Café Brioso will fill your shopping bags full of herbal and caffeinated beverage options with all the accoutrements. Order a cappuccino or bubble tea to recharge because you still have lots more shopping.

How about a fancy smancy fountain pen and journal for the budding writer in the family or a comfy leather office chair? You might just be surprised at all the cool stuff you can find at Graham Office Supply, and if they don’t have it, they can probably order it for you.

Your virtual bags are filling quickly, but what about a couple extra gifts that you tuck away just in case someone gives you something, but you totally forgot to add him to your list. Fill tins (from big to small) with freshly roasted nuts or candy from The Peanut Shopped. And if you don’t give them away as you planned (or didn’t plan), snack on them while you’re watching all the bowl games.

There’s a ton more small business around the core of downtown, and if you need a few more resources, check out our Downtown Business Directory, Small Business Beanstalk or Shift Your Shopping.

In the meantime, leave a comment here. Tell us about the kinds of retail you would like to see in the core of downtown, and we will enter you to win a gift certificate to Sugardaddy’s. Keep the treat for yourself or use it to mark someone off your holiday shopping list.