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Last year at this time, you might have walked right past Custom Chef Gourmet Cafe, but don't make that mistake again. Owner Bo Carter learned a lot when he first opened up his business. Like, downtown offers amazing food choices so you had better be prepared to bring your A-game. By his own account, Bo says he lost his passion for a bit, but he regrouped. So, get ready for bright and vibrant flavors on the new menu, and read on to find out how to get lunch on Bo.

Bo was a chef for Cameron Mitchell restaurants for seven years, and he comes from a long line of manly family cooks. But, after he first opened Custom Chef, he admits he stumbled a little.

"I got thumped around a bit, but it made me a better business person," said Bo. "My passion is back, and I'm serving the food I want to serve, and I feel great about it."

Slow roasted meats pack bold flavors, and Bo offers a variety of options including hot, braised roast beef, smoked brisket and slow-roasted chicken. Smell the sweet tang of bar-b-que sauce as soon as you walk through the door, but Caribbean and Asian flares make a strong presence too. You'll find sandwiches, salads and combos. Eat in or carry out. Give it a shot, and let us know what you think.

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