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Did you know that downtown is now the setting for the real-world Big Bang Theory? Well, sorta. Some uber-smart physicists from a place called Traycer just moved into some cool urban digs on Long and High streets when they grew out of TechColumbus. Find out why downtown was the only place they wanted to call home.

Traycer formed in 2008 after Lee Mosbacker and his team won The Ohio State University Business Plan Competition in 2007. First, Traycer incubated at TechColumbus, where Lee and his physicist peeps worked on developing Terahertz (THz) imaging.

What the heck is THz imaging?

We're sure Big Bang's Sheldon could provide a precise definition, which might cause your eyes to roll back into your head; but Penny's version would be, think X-rays without harmful radiation. Pharmaceutical to polymer to agriculture to aerospace industries need this kind of technology.

Ohio maintains strong connections in manufacturing, technology and agriculture, and Columbus is the center of world-class learning institutions. We're one smart and open community, and Lee wanted to be in the center of it all.

Additionally, any entrepreneur will likely say start-ups require a lot of hours. In Lee's mind, it made no sense to separate the creative and intellectual crowd from where they work and live. So, downtown was the only place to be.

"I wanted to be the first person in the office and the last person to leave, and I have a busy life. Being in close proximity makes it all work," said Lee. "Downtown is the perfect balance - a professional setting with passionate and creative people coming together. It's all the things working well together."

Keep an eye on Traycer. It's a small start-up high-tech firm now, but we expect to see a big bang from them.