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Inside 43215: Be A Do-Gooder!


inside 43215


Downtown Columbus

Do you want to do good? Will you do good? Here’s your chance to do good. Consider it a birthday gift to the city you love.

Register now for the Columbus Volunteer Challenge, a service event in honor of Columbus’s bicentennial. The event, which runs August 25 through September 11, highlights the importance of service to our community.

The challenge kicks off with Family Day, a one-day event that encourages families, groups, individuals and volunteers from faith-based or corporate organizations to better serve the community. It rolls along from August 26 to September 10 with the official Days of Engagement, featuring community volunteer opportunities and daily calls to action. And it concludes on September 11, the National Day of Service.

Register now and join event sponsors, the City of Columbus and United Way of Central Ohio, and event partners, Hands on Central Ohio, Keep Columbus Beautiful, Mormon Helping Hands, Vineyard Columbus and Columbus Public Schools, in meeting the challenge.