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Inside 43215: A Win for Broadway


inside 43215


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White Christmas webDowntown Cbus is front and center with all kinds of media types covering the big day of the 2012 election. No worries though. You will not find any political discussions or endorsements here. What we do have, is an easy way enter to win tickets for a Broadway Across America show at the Ohio Theatre.

A classic holiday movie White Christmas hits the stage at the Ohio Theatre November 20-25. Two army buddies put on a theatrical performance in picturesque Vermont and end up meeting their perfect mates in the process. Full of dancing, laughter and some of the greatest songs ever written, Irving Berlin’s White Christmas promises a merry and bright experience for the whole family. Put all the political differences aside and order tickets for everyone on your block. Woo hoo, it’s a party.

Tell us about your funniest date night (Ahem, keep it politically correct, please.), and we’ll register you to win tickets to opening night of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas at the Ohio Theatre on November 20.

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