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Inside 4315: Olympics of Ecology


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While the world’s greatest athletes will be hitting the stage at the Olympics in London starting this weekend, the Olympics of ecological sciences will convene in Columbus this fall. The international EcoSummit 2012 will be held September 30 through October 5 at the Columbus Convention Center. While they won’t be leaping hurdles or flipping off a diving board, the world’s preeminent leaders in ecological sciences will be on hand to present their groundbreaking work and to lead symposia, workshops and discussion groups on the themes of sustainability and restoration of the earth’s ecosystem services.

More than 1,400 people from 75 countries are already registered to attend. This is a who’s who of ecologists, environmental scientists, engineers, policymakers and business leaders who provide ecosystem services. Attendees will hear from presenters who will speak to the strong dependency between humankind and Mother Nature. Speakers include two-time Pulitzer Prize winning biologist E. O. Wilson, Pulitzer Prize-winner Jared Diamond and the Honorable Olafur R. Grimsson, President of the Republic of Iceland.

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