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Hot Wheels Fun at COSI


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COSI Hot WheelsCOSI comes back. That's right; each September COSI takes a little hiatus to spiff things up. But, the annual cleaning and maintenance winds down and the doors reopen September 22. So, grab the kiddos and head over for old favorites and for the exciting new Hot Wheels: Race to Win exhibit. 

Everybody loves Hot Wheels. And, this exhibit celebrates 50 years of the coolest toy cars, beloved by kids and adults alike. So, Get in the Zone, be part of a race team and experiment away. Each zone lets kids examine an aspect of speed racing, using Hot Wheels and the principles of math, science, technology and engineering.

COSI Hot Wheels Zones

First, the Blue Zone focuses on design. What design choices can you make that affect speed? You can shape your car and look at what track conditions make for speed.

Then, the Yellow Zone focuses on power. Explore what powers a car's engine, learn about combustion and how to measure power. So, you'll know the right engine to choose for your race.

The Green Zone focuses on speed. Yes, you felt the need for speed, and it's time for the race. Can you beat the clock? No matter what, gather friends and family for a photo in the Winner's Circle.

And, the Red Zone focuses on safety. Check out what can be done to keep drivers safe. Or, test your reflexes and see if you can avoid a big crash.

The exhibit runs through January 6.

COSI fun isn't just for kids. On Saturday, September 22 from 6 - 10 p.m. enjoy the latest 21+ event. Whodunit? Groovy Ghost Pirate Mystery offers fun, food and a cash bar. Remember when our friends at The Office distracted themselves with a good ole murder mystery (I do declare)? Grab your friends and head to 1965 to solve a murder at COSI Cove (60s dress is definitely encouraged). Tickets are $35 for members and $45 for non-members. And, they include admission to COSI, so plan to check out the popular Dinosaur Gallery.