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When the days are hot and long, things are really hopping at 39 Below FroYo. Cuz, who doesn't want some frozen yogurt to beat the heat? But as the days cool, Carolyn Maloney of 39 Below wants you to know that they can help you beat the cold, too.

Step into their inviting space at 39 East Gay Street this fall and winter and you'll find a Hot Cocoa Bar and a Spiced Cider Bar. Think fancy toppings like those you pile on your frozen yogurt, only these goodies top your delicious, hot drinks. Your creation is only limited by your creativity, so see what fabulousness you can come up with.

And whether the weather is hot or cold, 39 Below can get your day started right with their outstanding breakfast sandwiches and waffles. They recently added a Veggie Sausage Breakfast Sandwich, for you meatless munchers out there. And their pumpkin spice and apple butter syrups will make your Belgian waffles sing.

If you want your fro yo no matter what the thermometer says, you are still in luck. The delicious flavors run the gamut from steadfast chocolate and vanilla to jazzy sea salt caramel corn to autumnal pumpkin.

We have a $20 gift card up for grabs. Let us know your favorite frozen yogurt or hot chocolate toppings at 39 Below on our Facebook page for a chance to win.