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Happy, Happy 40th Birthday, BalletMet

Author: Melissa Fast


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Happy, happy 40th Birthday, BalletMet.Kick up your heels for a happy, happy 40th birthday, BalletMet. Since 1978, the ballet has brought incredible dance to the stage, classroom and community. As a gift back, BalletMet offers season packages in all shapes and sizes, and you’re just in time to nab one for the 2017-18 season.

As one of the nation’s top 20 largest professional companies, BalletMet dancers come from around the world. So, let’s put our hands together and show them some Cbus Love. It’s easier than ever to get tickets, and you can also create the dance package that works best for you.

Lots of Options

Season packages start as low as $84, and you order directly from BalletMet for all the options below:

  • Buy tickets for one show or the full season. Or, create your own season pass with the number of shows you want to attend. (Psst…Don’t forget The Nutcracker.)
  • Create your season package based on where you and your group want to sit.
  • Purchase a Flex Pack, which gives you six, eight or ten vouchers so you decide when to attend a show.
  • Shout out a Happy 40th Birthday, BalletMet when you design your very own 5-show package.

Can’t Get Enough?

Once you see a show or two, you might get hooked so it’s good to know that BalletMet also provides lots of opportunities to get and stay involved beyond the professional shows. Sign up for a dance or fitness class, and it’s not just for grownups. BalletMet offers a children’s and student division, as well as teen and adult classes. For those looking to dance as a career, BalletMet also offers  training programs, which bridge the gap between academic ballet and the world of professional dance. Not only does BalletMet help you out with all kinds of classes and training, but they also give back to the community through their outreach programs.

Happy, Happy 40th Birthday, BalletMet.


Here’s to many, many more.