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Capital Crossroads SID Executive Director Cleve Ricksecker congratulates Gary Herdman on three years of service during annual ambassador luncheon. 

Cbus often gets kudos for a robust arts scene from performing to visual arts. Remember when Columbus Museum of Art was recognized as one of the best museums in the nation? Well, we have to brag about one of our Capital Crossroads SID ambassadors who opens his very own downtown art show next week.

Gary Herdman describes his work as abstract, but he also likes to say that he paints portraits and landscapes with a twist. The SO FAR show begins Wednesday, February 12 at Fresh A.I.R. Gallery with an opening reception at 5:30 p.m. Gary will be on hand to discuss the exhibit pieces. The show runs through April 25.

Gary likes acrylics on canvas because of the quick drying time. He needs this to stay true to the original inspiration behind the painting.

"Very little is planned. I try to make each work a singular thought, not a running process," Gary said. "In early years (high school), I wanted to be noticed. Later, I had things to say, and painting helped me say it. This show tells what I have expressed SO FAR."

You'll likely see Gary during his daytime gig as a Capital Crossroads SID ambassador. He'll be wearing a neon green shirt or coat, and he'll be driving one of the utility vehicles. In the summer, you may find him watering flowers on Capitol Square. He's a big believer in what is happening downtown, and wants to do his part to make sure that downtown Cbus is the best place to live, work and play.

"I've always been a downtown person. Arts-wise, it's a thrill to be able to walk to rock & roll concerts, symphonies, opera, ballet and galleries."