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Get Ready to Roll: Downtown C-pass

Downtown C-pass launches June 1

Looking for a way to save some cold, hard cash? If you work within the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District, property owners will soon foot the bill for your commute. Well, if you take the bus. If you're eligible, the Downtown C-pass offers unlimited rides on the COTA bus system, and it begins June 1. Oh, and it’s funded through 2020. Wooo hooo! So, where do you sign up? We’ve got the skinny on how to get the ball (or bus) rolling. 

Beginning May 1, employers within the Capital Crossroads SID can enroll all their eligible employees for the Downtown C-pass. You’ll need a special pass, but don’t worry. Your company narrows down the choices and, you choose what works best for you. 

When June 1 rolls around, you hop on the bus with your special pass. And, it won’t cost you a penny. (Ahem, this is the time that you can thank the Downtown property owners for picking up the tab.) Just think what you can do with all the extra cash in your pocket. And, all the happy hours you can hit since someone else will be driving you home.

5 Reasons to Get Downtown C-pass

  1. No more road rage: let someone else worry about traffic headaches.
  2. Get a jump start on the work day: Every bus has free Wi-Fi
  3. Unwind: Watch a favorite podcast or funny cat videos.
  4. No more parking hassles: Park for free at one of 25 Park & Rides.
  5. Save money: Fewer miles on your car means fewer expenses.

Okay, we know it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. And what if you feel like you must have access to your car in case of an emergency? That’s where Gohio Commute comes in to save the day. Thanks to Emergency Ride Home, you can get up to four taxi rides home if you become ill, experience an emergency or must work unexpected overtime. Boom! Problem solved.

If you want to learn more about the program, visit So, talk to your HR peeps. They’re the ones who must sign you up. But don’t worry, that’s easy, too.