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car2goIt’s been a couple of years since car2go launched in Columbus. Their car-share service has provided Columbusites a new, innovative and easy way to get around town. But did you know they offer Business Accounts for employers looking for a way to get their folks from point A to point B in a cost-effective manner?

For businesses that provide transportation to employees, the costs can really add up: mileage reimbursement, parking fees, fleet maintenance and more. What if you could simplify all of that into 41 cents per minute (plus tax)? Simply sign up for a car2go Business Account, and you have a fleet of cars at your disposal 24/7.

There are no monthly or annual fees, and you’ll receive a monthly invoice which breaks down each trip. Plus there’s always a car available; just use their website, call center or mobile app to locate the nearest ride, then drop the car in a parking spot in the Home Area to end the trip. For more information, visit their website. It’s easy to sign up, and to add and remove employees as time goes on. Get 2going.