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Ever get lost in time, or said, “If I knew then what I know now…,”? Well, no need to imagine the wiser you schooling the young one. Thanks to MadLab, Lost in Time will do it for you. The show runs August 10 – 25, and we have tickets to give away. Get some scoop on the show and take a chance to win, too.

Danny Petrelli wakes up in his Boston University apartment, facing his old roommate, Robert. That might not seem funny or weird except he’s really 60. He finds himself trying to explain the overnight miracle to Robert. The roomie takes it all in, and Danny tells him what a hot mess his life was. The good old roomie tells Danny to take advantage of this second chance. So, Danny tries to connect with his future wife, but things go downhill fast. Uh-oh. Will he find a way to save what he thinks is his future? Has he messed up everything—for good? Find out for yourself. Nab your Madlab tickets.

Lost in Time Dates and Ticket Prices

  • Preview—Thursday, August 9
  • Show Days—Fridays and Saturdays,  August 10 – 25
  • Ticket prices—$18 general admission, $15 students, $13 MadLab members

Each year, MadLab produces seven to eight full-length shows, and the theater provides an artistic haven for the creation and experience of original work. It’s a place where people and small groups experiment—without censor. Tony Pasqualini’s Lost in Time is no exception. You’re in for a treat with this award-winning veteran of theater. Also, MadLab serves emerging artists with an affordable, A-1 venue.

So, if you ever thought about getting a do-over for your twenties, nab your tickets, or click on through to our Facebook page for a chance to win. Tell us where you’ll hang Downtown before (or after) the show, and we’ll enter you to win—thanks to MadLab. Here's some more downtown events and performances.