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Be Green. Be Intentional. Bonni Korcok named her company Intentional Green, LLC, and she stands behind the mission.

She offers environmentally safe and friendly products for everyday use. Do you have a bug, gardening or laundry problem? Intentional Green has the solution.

Korchok first introduced the SmartKlean laundry ball. But the product lasted for at least 365 washes so Korchok knew she needed to expand the product line.

She added Greenway Solutions 7, which offers "green" pest solutions, and knew the product aligned with her other products. She said, "The label is the law and (these products) can be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers, young children and people with asthma and allergies. Have you ever heard of a pest spray that can say that?"

Products include a head lice remover, flea and tick spray, pest eliminator and a bed bug solution.

Korchok intends to open a retail space, named "Bye Bye Bed Bugs," before the year ends, which makes 
Pearl Market the perfect test market for her product line.

Come to Pearl Market and visit Intentional Green for environmentally conscious advice and products to handle life's pesky problems.