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Riffe Gallery image 1 resizeDid you know there’s a place downtown devoted to only Ohio Art? The Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery rests smack dab in our urban core – right across from the Statehouse. This gem welcomes art lovers Tuesday through Saturday, and it won’t cost you one lick to peruse the gallery. What’s better than that? Well, you’re invited to a special opening reception, Flashback to Now, this week.

Flashback to Now combines the past with the present and highlights 15 of the Ohio Arts Council's earliest individual artist grant recipients of the 1980s. Visitors will see the progression of our Ohio artists’ early pieces alongside current pieces.

The exhibition delves into the state’s varied artistic sensibilities and lifts up those who have helped make Ohio art what it is today. From the rich stories of Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson’s pieces, to the shared American experience in Jack Earl’s work, and the baskets of Dorothy Gill Barnes that redefine craft, these artists breathe life into Ohio’s visual culture. To convey these artistic journeys, each artist displays an early work, created around the time of their first OAC grant, and then comparatively presents recent work.

The Opening Recption will be held on Thursday, July 23 from 5 - 7 p.m. and features a meet-and-greet with the curator and exhibiting artists. Find out more about Flashback to Now as well as information about upcoming exhibitions. And, while you’re checking out info about OAC’s Riffe Gallery, find out about other downtown arts and entertainment opportunities.