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Walk Like an Egyptian at COSI

COSI Lost Egypt ExhibitAs you prepare for summer sans school (yikes!), COSI lends a serious hand with old favorites and a new exhibit exploring ancient Egypt. Yes, they are ready to keep you and the kiddos entertained (and educated - shhhh.... ) all summer long. On Saturday, May 26, COSI's newest exhibit Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science opens for a limited engagement through September 3. And, when the hot days overwhelm, they have some great movies coming to the Giant Screen. Keep reading for the deets.

First, we recommend a car jam to the Bangles' (or American Idol winner Maddie Poppe's) Walk Like an Egyptian. It will get you in the mood to learn about ancient secrets and how modern science reveals them. Then, through exploration of artifacts, hands-on fun, plus some wisdom from real archaeologists, you can delve into the mysteries of Egypt.

Lost Egypt at COSI Highlights

  • Camel Pack--pack for your excavation and climb on a life-size camel
  • Writing Hieroglyphics--you do the decoding of ancient hieroglyphic messages
  • Tomb Art--explore a recreation of a tomb complete with artwork and hieroglyphics
  • Mummification Theater--your chance to learn about what ancient Egyptians believed about the afterlife
  • Dig Site--explore a mock excavation site full of pottery fragments, bones and more
  • Mummy Display--bringing a real Egyptian mummy's story to life
  • Animal Mummies--check out some authentic animal mummies and learn about how animals were mummified
  • Pyramid Block Challenge--work to move a large stone using ancient Egyptian engineering methods

Other Exhibit Options

In addition to the new Ancient Egypt exhibition, you and the kids have lots of options for days full of fun. First, don't miss the classics you might have enjoyed as a kid, like the electrostatic ball (hair-raising fun) and the unicycle you ride two stories up. Then, check out the permanent exhibits like Big Machines and Farm Days. And, don't forget fantastic recent additions like Dinosaur Gallery.

Movies to Keep You Cool

Finally, the Giant Screen Theater offers a great spot to cool off and learn. Starting May 24 and running through September 3, view America's Musical Journey 3D and Backyard Wilderness 3D. In the former, talented musician Aloe Blacc explores the roots of American music by visiting our great music cities, like New Orleans, Nashville, Miami and more. And, Backyard Wilderness explores the surprising wildlife found year-round in a suburban neighborhood. Then, the week of May 31 - June 6 take in D-Day: Normandy 1944 and really understand the sacrifice we honor each Memorial Day.

Once you've explored COSI to your heart's content, head over to the Scioto Mile for some outdoor fun, too. The kids can splash around in the fountains and you can grab at Milestone 229.