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Last week, I traded a day in the office for one spent on the farm. I left the city behind to meet with a couple Pearl Market farmers who bring truckloads of fruits and vegetables into the Market every week. I met them on their turf and explored where they grow the great stuff they bring into Columbus every week for all of us to enjoy.

I saw the farm through the farmer's eyes as I walked through row after row of tomatoes, onions, zucchini and melons. These planted acres are a farmer's livelihood and legacy.

The days don't end at 5 p.m., and the work is never quite finished. Every day is a strenuous test of will, especially when the weather doesn't bode well for crops.

The harsh winter left many farmers including those at Pearl Market without some of their usual crops. Paige's Produce of Stoutsville planted edible soybeans after bitter cold blasted his peach crop.

Some farms including Henson Farms of Asheville planted crops later than initially planned, which led to fewer products in May and June. As weather stabilized and spring rain arrived, farmers became more optimistic. Plants now flourish, and sweet corn is mere weeks from harvest.

Farmers know the risks that Mother Nature brings, and try to prepare, but they know some years will be better than others. Come to Pearl Market and make it a good year for all.